Biogas #HANDS ON:

International and Irish Intensive Biogas Training:
Practical Plant Planning, Digester Biology, Biogas and Digestate Upgrading

4-day in-depth biogas training with separately bookable modules

February 19-22, 2019
Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, UK
Language: English

This 4 day in-depth course will provide you with practical hands on knowledge. You will learn to master today’s plant operation challenges with skill.
If you are
  • A biogas plant operator or staff
  • A farmer planning to operate an AD facility
  • Working as a government official that is engaged with AD and renewable energies
  • Involved in an academic institution that does research on biogas and AD
  • An investor, curious about the possibilities of investing into biogas or AD facilities
the IBBK BIOGAS#HANDS ON training is ideal for you.
Farmers and biogas plant operators both in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have been subject to a lot of uncertainty lately.
(Notice: This event has a special focus on the Irish biogas and biomethane market but is open to all international participants.
We reguarly have attendees from all over the world, even coming from North America to educate themselves. So this is by no means exclusive to the ROI or Northern Ireland.)


Participation Fee

Module 1: 790 €

Module 2: 790 €

Module 1 and 2: 1290

Discount for students and more than 2 participants from one company or organization available upon request.

Training fully booked out – thank you for your interest!
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Where is the AD industry heading for the UK and Ireland?

With Brexit looming on the horizon, pulling the trigger on investments in yourself, your business and the future of your plant can be extremely daunting.

But with a lot of regulatory things now clearing up, it is as important as ever to stay on top of things as a biogas plant operator.

Just recently, GNI (Gas Networks Ireland) announced 17 large scale projects across the country that will digest biomass, producing biogas to be fed into the local natural gas grid. In fact, GNI aims to have 20 % of the gas in the natural gas grid coming from AD installations by 2030 and a massive 50 % by 2050.

This ambitious goal is planned to be reached with substrates coming mainly from excess silage and slurry, traditional farming by-products.

Looking at these numbers, it becomes obvious that a lot of investments will be made into this industry to provide this amount of natural gas from AD installations.

This is where we see a lot of potential for farmers, biogas plant operators, researchers from public and private facilities as well as governmental institutions.

As a farmer, have you ever wondered if it makes sense for you to invest a sizable chunk of money into an AD facility to create more revenue?

As a researcher, have you studied AD extensively but never looked at it from a practical perspective?

Do you work in a governmental institution that focuses on regulatory guidelines for renewable energies – but have always turned a “blind eye” towards AD?

Thankfully, we are here to give you clearance on all your questions.

The 4-day in-depth biogas and AD training is designed specifically around your needs, whether you are a beginner or advanced

Based on 20 years of practical experience in the biogas field as well as 15 years doing trainings and courses, we strongly focus on very practical knowledge that our training participants can apply…

…as soon as the day after the training!

This training is divided into 2 modules to make it fit to the best of your needs. You can book these modules either for a discounted package price or individually, whichever makes more sense to you.

Two modules – made to fit your needs!

Module 1: Practical plant planning and digester biology

This module is ideal for the farmers, investors and plant operators facing specific technical or biological challenges. This module features:
  • Choosing the right substrate and combining it for the optimal digestion input
  • Lab session
  • Operating and engineering tips
  • Process control and process optimization
  • Digesting N-rich feedstocks and optimizing plant performance with feedstocks from Ireland

Module 2: Biogas upgrading to biomethane and how to spread, upgrade and market your digestate

Module 2 is perfect for advanced biogas plant operators looking for further sources of revenue and innovative and proven methods to make most of their most valuable products, biogas and digestate.
  • Biomethane as a renewable fuel for heat, electricity and transport
  • Biogas upgrading and utlisation
  • Green generation – Gas to Grid
  • Biogas liquefaction
  • Digestate standard, management and marketing opportunities

Book only one module or both modules for a discount!

To ensure the quality and depth of the training, we only have a limited number of seats available.

This guarantees a very close and personal experience with the lecturers, enabling you to take away real hands-on skills.
The price for each module is 790 €
Join Modules 1 and 2 for a single payment of only 1290 €, saving you 290 € compared to the individual module prices.

Training fully booked out – thank you for your interest!
If you want to be put please send a short inquiry to:

This event is tailored to the specific requirements of the Irish biogas industry with multiple local lecturers and experts bringing you up to date.
You will also benefit from IBBK’s 20 years of experience in the field of AD and renewable energies from the engineering and biology perspective.
You will be provided with insights into plant planning, new substrates, biological challenges and procedures for the successful future of your biogas plant operation.
Small groups will guarantee you ample time to network with your fellow participants and get in a lot of Q&A with the instructors. All instructors are long time experts and their practical background provides in-depth knowledge.

Now – we know that 790 € or even 1290 € respectably are hefty sums to invest in a training. But, let us ask you:

  • How much would it be worth to you to finally get clear instructions on how to run the plant properly?
  • How much would you be willing to pay, knowing you have made the right decision regarding your multi-million investment?
  • Wouldn’t it be worth to finally get clear answers to all the questions that you have based on theoretical knowledge?
  • Wouldn’t you want to know where the biogas industry is headed in Ireland and the UK?
In this course, we will explore together what makes sense – and what doesn’t.
We regularly charge a daily fee of up to 1500 € for special consultation. During this event, you get to pick our and our expert’s brains for much less.
You only pay 790 € for an individual module or 1290 € for both modules (recommended for the “big picture”).
We recommend to make the investment in yourself as soon as possible to ensure you get the best price and reserve your seat.
This is the first UK event in about 15 months for IBBK and we’re not sure if we will do another in the near future. So if you’re on the fence now, there might not be another event like this in a while in your region.

Training fully booked out – thank you for your interest!
If you want to be put please send a short inquiry to:


IBBK CEO and senior biogas expert Michael Köttner

Course participants during the lab session
The lab session is part of Module 1 and dedicated to practical digester biology, providing you with in-depth expertise about the specific biological processes in your plant.
Our instructors will explain the outset of a new or revised plant and the challenges of digesting Nitrogen-rich and fibrous feedstock.
You will learn about process control and optimisation measures, covering the inhibitors and additives.
Additionally an interactive session in the laboratory will familiarize you with the testing procedures during operation, useful devices for plant monitoring as well as prudent methods for record keeping.  All exercises are related to practice.
Enroll in Module 1 now to secure your spot (limited number of seats available).
International participants during an IBBK biogas training

International participants during an IBBK biogas training

Biogas plant operators often struggle with how to be profitable and market their products beyond subsidies or governmental incentives.
German plant operators are currently facing this challenge and have to start acting now. Germany’s pioneer status has resulted in a lot of issues that had to be addressed among the first in Europe.
As the “canary in the coal mine” that Germany currently is, we want you to bypass our issues and fast forward straight to the next steps.
With the help of Irish and UK experts, you will be able to focus on what we consider the future for biogas plants: produce energy in the form of electricity, gas and heat as well as high value fertiliser and market it yourself.
Feed in tariffs on electricity can only take you so far which is why we will dedicate a whole section on much more interesting and future oriented subjects: biomethane and digestate marketing.
See for yourself how much potential these two future markets hold, create business ideas around it and build a clear perspective for your future as a plant operator, scientist or consulting expert in renewable energies.
All of this, and more, will be covered in Module 2.

Programme Topics

(Programme may be subject to change)

Module 1: February 19th-20th:

Practical Plant Planning
  • Overview of the Biogas technology and its future development
  • Choosing the right substrate and combining it for the optimal digestion input
  • Introduction into design, planning and process engineering
  • Calculation exercises for feasibility and process control
  • Biological process control and process optimisation
  • How to digest fibrous and N-rich feedstocks
  • How to optimize plant performance – using feedstocks from Ireland
Lab Session
  • Necessary laboratory tests
  • Practical interpretation of operating modes using examples from practice
  • Record keeping
  • Testing parameters during operation
  • Practical devices for plant monitoring

Module 2: February 21st-22nd:

Biogas Upgrading, Biomethane Injection
  • The potential of biomethane as a renewable fuel for heat, electricity and transport
  • Biogas upgrading and different pathways of biogas utilisation
  • Green Generation – Gas to Grid
  • Biogas liquefaction – Cryo Pur
Digestate Upgrading and Marketing
  • Digestate standard and managing digestate to land for agricultural benefit
  • Lessons learned – innovative digestate upgrading and marketing
  • Overview of new digestate spreading and treatment technologies
You can download the draft programme that includes all the speakers by clicking HERE.

The location of this event is at:

Skills Centre – CREST Building
Killyhevlin Industrial Estate, Black Stick Road
Enniskillen BT74 4
Northern Ireland UK
The training package will include
  • 2-4 days of hands on training (depending on your module)
  • Laboratory session (only Module 1)
  • Seminar documentation with slides of the training lectures (download access)
  • Lunch, beverages and snacks during all training days
  • Certificate of participation
Will not include
  • Travel to the course
  • Accommodation
  • Further meals or beverages
Are you ready to make the investment in yourself, your plant and your knowledge? Profit from our collective decades of AD, biogas and biomethane knowledge of 10 experts from Ireland, the UK and Germany and enroll in the module of your choice.
Module 1: Practical plant planning, digester biology, feedstocks and a lab session: 790 €
Module 2: Biogas utilisation & upgrading to biomethane, grid injection, digestate upgrading & marketing: 790 €
Modules 1 & 21290 €

Training fully booked out – thank you for your interest!
If you want to be put please send a short inquiry to:

Got any further questions?

We are happy to help if something is still unclear to you. Just shoot us a short email to or for an even faster inquiry, call us under 497954 926203 (you can tap this number on your smartphone to call us directly).


See what others had to say about this training:

„Very enjoyable course and a good team of lecturers. I also met some good people with whom I hope to stay in touch with.
Enniskillen, UK, June 2016

„Brilliant course – second time in attendance but very worthwhile.“
Dundee, UK, January 2014

„This course covered more than I expected, it was worth every penny.“
St. Ives, UK, January 2017

„It was a great course, I am extremely glad I came as I have learnt that I can put back into my work. I expect our plants to run more efficiently and I‘m now able to fix problems before they happen.“
St. Ives, UK, January 2017

„All the discussions and comments from the participants made the seminar more interesting and provided more details and a practical approach. The size of the group was perfect. I learned a lot.“
Stuttgart, April 2014

“I’m operating a biogas plant since 20 years, I should have done this a long time ago, we could have done things a lot better.”
Mark D.; Stuttgart, September 2017

“I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.”
Jose Carlos N.; Stuttgart, September 2017

“A very good course, well delivered.”
John W.; Dundee, UK, June 2017)

The location of the Training course BIOGAS#HANDS ON is at:

Skills Centre – CREST Building
Killyhevlin Industrial Estate, Black Stick Road
Enniskillen BT74 4
Northern Ireland UK

You can download the programme preview for this training here (subject to change).