BIOGASMENA project: Demonstration of dry fermentation processes and optimisation of biogas technology for rural communities in the MENA region

The BIOGASMENA-project is a cooperation between 14 partners from European countries (Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Greece) as well as MENA region countries (Tunisia, Turkey, Algeria and Egypt).

The main goals of the project were to improve and develop biogas technologies (in particular dry fermentation biogas
fermentation) and to build a pilot biogas plant in Tunisia.

As European countries have more experience and knowledge in biogas technologies, they were able to consult the MENA-partners and helped them select the most fitting technologies for their project. Both German partners (FnBB e.V. – GERBIO and the University of Hohenheim) contributed to the project through:

  • Process optimization trials considering substrates, which could be used in the pilot plant
  • Training young researchers from MENA regions in Germany
  • Visits to dry fermentation biogas plants in Germany

Online Conference on Biogas Production and Digestate Valorisation

Within this BIOGASMENA Project (ERANETMED), we are happy to announce the Online Conference on Biogas Production and Digestate Valorisation. It will be held on the 17th and 18th of November 2020 and will gather top scientists and well-known keynote speakers in the fields of biogas, digestate valorization, and organic wastes.

And here are the Sessions & Keynote Speakers of the event:

  • Session 1: Usable substrates for biogas production
    Mr. Marvin Scherzinger – Hamburg University of Technology
  • Session 2: Optimization of biogas technology
    Dr. Ir. Ralph Lindeboom – Delft University of Technology
    (The Netherlands)
  • Session 3: Digestate valorisation. Extraction of nutrients
    Prof. Ivet Ferrer – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-
    BarcelonaTech (Spain)

Attending this online conference is free of charge, but you have to register. Please click the button below to fill out your online registration.

Call for Abstracts until October 12th

Abstract submission for this conference is still open. Do not miss the chance to have an Oral Presentation or Flash Talk in this interesting event!

To submit an abstract, please download the template below, fill in your 200-word abstract and send it to

Submission deadline for your abstract is October 12th, 2020.

You will get a notification regarding the acceptance of your submission latest on October 26th, 2020.

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