Follow-up Report – IBBK Biogas #HANDS ON 7-day training, Stuttgart September 2017

IBBK Stuttgart 2017, 7-day Biogas #HANDS ON course – Birgit Pfeifer testing digester substrate at the plant.

The Follow-up Report

This September 20 participants, from 12 countries met in Stuttgart for the yearly 7-day IBBK #HANDS ON Biogas course.

Among the participants were engineers, scientists, postgraduates, project managers, plant constructors and operators. All lectures were held at the SIMT (Institute for Management and Technology) by renowned experts of the field, providing insight into today’s operating of biogas productions.

The lectures were complemented by extensive study tours to 5 state-of-the-art biogas plants, from biomethane gas station to municipal bio-waste digestion plants. On site digester samples were taken and analysed, and a tour to the laboratories of the University of Hohenheim was given.

The attendees enjoyed the networking exchange with fellow participants from 12 countries (Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, India, Ireland, Kenya, Malta, Nigeria, Romania, Switzerland, The Netherlands and UK) and teaching experts of the course.

(get the full report as PDF download)

IBBK #HANDS ON Stuttgart 2017 follow-up report PDF

Lecture location at the SIMT (Steinbeis Institute for Management and Technology), Stuttgart. View outside and indoors

Course instructor explains explains ammonia vs ammonium. - Students check their data

Class networking during break

Group in front of the biogas plant Energiehof Weitenau. – Plant owner explains the obtaining of a crystallised fertiliser from liquid digestate.

Instructor explains the processes of the municipal waste plant. – In front of the vertical digester of the municipal food-waste plant, Leonberg.

Crystallised ammonium sulphate fertiliser obtained from the digestate liquids. – Plant owner explains the feeding of the digester.

Class with head instructor Michael Koettner (IBBK CEO) giving a lecture about sediments in digesters. – Participants asking questions.

Lunch break: hungry minds and hungry bellies

Expert instructor Birgit Pfeifer takes a sample of the digestate for testing. – Running the FOS/TAC test.

The liquid manure is pumped from the lorry car into the storage tank. – The new substrate is getting mixed and fed into the digester.

The plant operator explains the bio-waste pretreatment, biogas plant in Backnang-Neuschöntal. – Participants sharing opinions.

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