Learn all about healthy AD microbes

Fundamentels of anaerobic digestion explained during proBIOGAS #International

Every AD-plant has millions over millions of tiny staff members that keep his business running: microorganisms like bacteria, archaea, fungi and yeasts to name just the major groups involved. They are many, they interact and they depend on each other. If they are alive and kicking, everything is well and the AD plant earns money. But if the biogas quality drops and revenue stream decrease, an operator needs to understand the reasons and the options he has to get back on track. 

3 Expert Trainers explain details of AD biology

In our Live Training proBIOGAS #International – Biogas engineering and operating training with  plant visits three experts will explain and discuss the fundamentals of the anaerobic digestion process:

Dr. Andreas Lemmer, University of Hohenheim

Andreas is assistant managerial head and permanent researcher at the State Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Bioenergy. He is leading several fundamental research projects in the field Optimization of biogas plant operation and design and is the scientific head of the full-scale research biogas plant on Unterer Lindenhof. His topic in this training is “Digester Biology – An introduction” and he will guide you through the university’s AD laboratory.

Gunther Pesta, atres Group

Gunther is founder and CEO of atres Group, a company operating an own biogas special laboratory for chemical technical analysis as well as a  biogas technical center with laboratory and pilot biogas plants for research and experiments. Gunther will talk about and discuss with you “Crucial substrate parameters and their impact on plant performance“.

Birgit Pfeifer, Schaumann Bioenergy Consult

Birgit has dedicated her professional live to support AD plant operators in maintaining healthy digesters. From the beginning she has been part of our trainer team. She will introduce you to practical plant operation – especially to the challenge of digesting N-rich feedstock and to process control and process optimization.

Many more topic plus site visits between 2–11 May, 2023

Digester biology, feedstock parameters and process optimization are only a fraction of the topics you’ll learn in our Live training. You’ll find more on the event page.

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