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Progress in Manure & Digestate Treatment International Online Conference     23. – 25. January, 2024

Via Zoom

Via Zoom

We look forward to receiving your abstract submission on the following subjects:

1.State of the art
– Post-treatment methods (drying, pelletizing, etc.)
– Processing methods for partial and full treatment
– Production of a certified and marketable fertilizer
2.Bioeconomy, biorefineries
– Basics of material and energetic cascade utilization of biomass
– Practical examples of cascade use (e.g. fertilizer, bedding, peat substitute, laminate flooring, wood-based material, etc.)
3.Climate-positive circular agriculture
– Reusability and degradability of bio-based materials
– Nutrient composition of manure and fermentation products
– Fertilizer production for organic farming
– Manure and fermentation products and their influence on humus balances
– The tension between the application of fermentation residues and groundwater protection
– Heavy metal contamination of fermentation products from waste management
– Emissions occurring during manure and digestate treatment
4.Biochar & pyrolysis: synergies in the biogas process
– Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) with biochar at biogas plants
– Biochar from solid fermentation product
– Use of biochar in the fermentation section – reasons and effects
– Nutrient management with biochar
– Biochar in the cycle of bedding, cultivation biomass and fermentation
5.Results & experiences from practice
– Market potential of manure and digestate products
– Marketing strategies on local and national level
6.Occupational safety & health protection
– Handling of chemical additives
– Health risks
– fire protection
7.Innovations, outlook for the future
– Focal points of research and development
– Analysis results of new processing techniques
– Outlook and perspectives
8.Business forum


Acceptance / Decline of your submitted abstracts will be done latest mid July 2023.

If you have been accepted into the conference program through your submission, you will receive a message asking you to register for the conference. Please enter SPEAKER in comments to register free of charge.

Participation fee: € 310

+ 19% VAT

Registration for speakers and participants will be possible starting June 2022 through this website.

For payments after August 2nd, 2022, we will ask for the full participation fee of 410 € + VAT.

Information about your presentation:
The presentation length is 20 minutes.
The presentation should be submitted and held in English.
If you submitted already an abstract for the “Konference Fortschritt Gülle & Gärrest” wich will take place in Germany in November 2023 you can also apply to this confenrence. Please send a copy of your abstract in English.
If you have further questions regarding the abstract, presentation or program, please contact Mrs. J. Aragundy directly under

Information about your abstract submission:

Please download the abstract template via the button below and fill out the corresponding fields.
We kindly ask you to follow the structure of the document and to submit the completed document no later than December 15th, 2023, using the submission form below.

How it works:

Step 1: Download abstract template

Step 2: Fill out abstract template

Step 3: Upload filled out abstract via the form below

Abstract successfully submitted!

Thank you.
You will receive a confirmation mail within the next 30 minutes with further informations.

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