South Korea: Mandarin Orange Juice Production – Residues Used To Produce Biogas

The complete factory premises from above – in the front you see seven Lipp containers made of stainless steel composite material.

Photo: Lipp GmbH / Jaemin Oh

Company member of FnBB e.V. – GERBIO (German Biogas and Bioenergy Society) develops and builds innovative biogas plant in South Korea: On Jeju, the largest island in South Korea, Lipp GmbH, a company based in Baden Württemberg, was allowed to participate in an impressive project. They sought and realised a system for the environmentally friendly recycling of residues from mandarin juice production within just ten months.

The complete article was published in spring 2021 in the English edition of the Biogas Journal. You can download it as a PDF-file here. Simply click on the button “Download PDF”.

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