(VIDEO) – What to expect during an international IBBK Biogas Training:

It can be hard to imagine what to expect during an international biogas training.

You’re supposed to fork over the participation fee… and go through the troubles of traveling – without actually knowing how it’ll be.

To make it easier for you to understand what an IBBK biogas training really is all about, we’ve linked some of our videos below.

So if you take just 15 minutes out of your busy schedule, you’ll be able to understand what these events are all about.

In late 2017, 20 participants from all over the world joined us for our 7-day biogas training in Stuttgart and Southern Germany.

And in less than 5 minutes, you can get a great feeling of how it was to be there – and if that event would make sense for you as well.

Just click the video below to check it out.

By the way – we’ve also compiled a nice little report that outlines the details of this specific event from September 2017.

You can access it by clicking HERE (page will open in a new tab).

In February 2019, the 4th Biogas Training in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland took place.

In the “Passive Pavilion” of CREST, more than 30 participants got together to discuss and hear about:

  • How to plan a biogas plant and which parts are needed
  • The ins and outs of properly handling digester biology
  • Biomethane production as a future business model for biogas plants
  • Digestate treatment and marketing – how to do it right

Below is a 10-minute video put together by Thomas Hubert of the Irish Farmer’s Journal who participated all 4 training days.

If you’re now intrigued about joining an international biogas training yourself…

Or just want to see what’s on the horizon in the next couple of months…

Click HERE to head to our “SCHEDULE”-section.

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