7 - 15 May 2019

7-day In-depth Course, SHMT, Stuttgart, Germany
“proBIOGAS International – Biogas engineering and operating training with plant visits”

Dear Reader,

if you want to really understand…

  • How biogas is produced from organic waste and biomass
  • What to do when you run into troubles with your day-to-day operation
  • What the most modern biogas technologies are
  • If you should even consider building a biogas plant
  • Which type of biogas plant makes sense for your available substrates
  • What the most experienced biogas plant operators do every single day

…then this event is for you.

Even if you’ve never had to deal with anything related to biogas in your life before.

Keep reading…

During this 7-day intensive biogas training you will acquire specific operating and engineering knowledge regarding the biogas processes and available technologies.

In the last 20+ years in the biogas trenches, we have collected boatloads of valuable know-how.

This means you will only get the absolute best, directly applicable tips, examples and lessons learned.

As you probably already know, biogas production is a very fragile process that depends on lots of factors:

  • Which substrate you use
  • Wet or dry fermentation
  • Process temperature
  • How much and how often you feed
  • Which mixers and stirrers are installed
  • And many, many more…

You see, every case is different.

Every project is different.

It all depends!

Depends on what?

On your unique situation…

Which is why we have started doing these types of live trainings more than a decade ago.

To give people just like the unique opportunity to ask the very specific questions you need to ask.

And to also forward these questions to right pair of ears.

Sure, we also offer special consultation services…but these are much more expensive and might not make sense for your situation.

Besides, it’s not every day that we get together a group of experts such as during this event.

All of the presenters you will meet in this training have at least 10 years of practical experience in their special biogas niche.

Which means they have most likely faced the very same challenges you are facing right now.

Best part: they will give their presentation on this subject first – and then stick around for all of your questions.

Over the many years of conducting these events, we have found out that the most valued part by all participants is the chance to directly interact with the experts.

Be it through questions during their presentation…

Conversations during lunch and coffee breaks…

Or even directly on the biogas plant during one of the five plant visits.

It’s all about coming together for a common cause, getting the most out of the multi-decade knowledge that is present during these 7 days…

And return back home with the specific action steps you need to take to advance with your biogas project.

And it doesn’t matter what your previous knowledge is.

The combination of presentations, workshops and question & answer-sessions together with two and a half days of biogas plant visits will fill every possible knowledge gap you have.

On the 2-day field trips, you will have the opportunity to see biogas plants with new, ground-breaking concepts and technology in Germany first-hand.

During these visits you will be guided by both the biogas plant operator and our experts.

You will gain profound insights into the daily operation of the plant while always being assisted by our specialists with both practical and theoretical experience.

On the laboratory day you will receive practical tips for the optimisation of your anaerobic digestion process through the analysis of fermentation samples.

This BIOGAS#HANDS ON course is ideal for:

  • Biogas plant operators & staff
  • Farmers planning to operate an AD facility
  • Government officials engaged with AD
  • Academic institutions
  • Investors

Course fee: 2150* €

*all prices are subject to 19 % VAT.

Discount for students and more than two participants from one company or organization available upon request. Please get in touch with us under contact@ibbk-biogas.com

Training venue:

Steinbeis House for Management and Technology
Filderhauptstraße 127
70599 Stuttgart

SHMT is located about 8 km from Stuttgart Airport in the South of Stuttgart.

There is also a direct connection via subway from Stuttgart center.

Simply exit at the final stop called “Plieningen” from where you can walk the last 300 m to the venue.


Click HERE to download the list of the nearby hotels.


Just send an inquiry to contact@ibbk-biogas.com and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Or just give us a call directly between 9 am and 5 pm on business days to +49(0)7954 / 926203

In cooperation with:

See the video from our international biogas training course last September in Stuttgart:

By enrolling in this small and exclusive seminar, you will get:

  • All seminar lectures including decades of worthy biogas related information
  • 1 on 1 time with all speakers, allowing you to pick their brain
  • Access to multiple different biogas plants
  • Exclusive insight into the most advanced biogas technologies IN ACTION
  • Local snacks and lunches directly in the facility
  • A close group interaction with worldwide participants sharing a common interest
  • Cultural and sightseeing opportunities in Stuttgart
  • Personalized and signed participation certificate

This training is segmented in the following theoretical and practical elements:

  • 4-1/2 days of class lessons
  • 2 days of field trips
  • 1/2-day onsite measurements

The training is structured so that you have a weekend break to explore the local culture, go shopping and enjoy the local cuisine.

The lectures are held by 10+ specialised instructors bundling the profound knowledge of Germany’s most experienced biogas experts.

All of our speakers have been working for at least 10 years in the field of biogas, both in industry and operation. This course stands out through its interactive character, with small classrooms and ample time for discussion and knowledge exchange.

We specifically limit the number of participants to keep interaction high and to make sure every participant can get maximum value out of this event.

Participation fee: 2150 € + VAT

Discount for students and more than two participants from one company or organization available upon request.
Please get in touch with us under contact@ibbk-biogas.com


Presentation on biogas plant building materials / Silage discussions during a plant visit

A crucial element of the training consists of a laboratory session at a biogas plant: the participants get the chance to learn about the day-to-day analysis of digester samples.

The expert will teach you how to test fundamental parameters during operation, keep record of the data and interpret the results based on examples from practice. This interactive exercise is carried out by a long-term biogas consultant, enabling you as the participants to turn theory into practice.


Visiting different types of biogas plants

During the field trip days on Thursday and Friday, we will visit four different biogas plants in the region of Stuttgart and Southern Germany, the cradle of the biogas technology in Germany.

You will get in touch with plant operators and visit carefully selected, established and successful biogas plant concepts. The used substrates range from maize- and grass-silage, through liquid and solid manure, to bio- and food-waste.

Each of these plants is unique in its technology and approach so you can see for yourself which one fits for which case.


FOS/TAC testing on site / Taking a look into the digester from the top

What's Included in the program?

(Subject to change)

Lecture topics:
Practical plant engineering

  • Overview of the Biogas technology and its future development
  • Introduction into plant technology
  • Planning & designing of stirring and mixing techn. for digesters, pits & storages
  • Decision criteria for a biogas plant
  • Process and external heat and gas engineering
  • Biogas specific building materials
  • Pretreatment and pre-storage technology
  • Building and operating a bio-waste and food waste plant

Practical digester biology

  • Crucial substrate parameters and their impact on plant performance
  • Start-up phase and practical measures for monitoring the digestion process
  • Meet the challenge – how to digest fibrous and N-rich feedstocks
  • Safety features of biogas plants
  • Process control and process optimization

Plant operation

  • Biogas desulphurization
  • Proper usage of organic fertilizer
  • Cogeneration to heat and power – gas utilization
  • Measurement and data recording for optimization, stabilization and enhancement of the biogas process

Activities in the field

  • Visit of an agricultural biogas plant using the Sauter mixing system
  • Visit of a dry-fermentation plant with composting
  • Interactive field session – on site tests and interpretation of operating modes
  • Visit at the biogas laboratories of the University of Hohenheim
  • Taking a detailed look at an innovative digestate upgrading facility

You can download the course preview HERE (pdf).

The Course-Package will include:

  • 4-1/2 days in-class training
  • 2 days study tour, visiting plants
  • 1/2-day lab-session
  • All slides of the training lectures + additional biogas literature
  • PDF documentation of the visited plants
  • Transportation to and from tour facilities
  • Lunch, snacks & beverages during the courses
  • Certificate of participation

Will not include:

  • Travel to and from Stuttgart
  • Accommodation (download accommodation options HERE or visit the Airbnb-Website HERE)
  • Beverages and further meals

Participation fee: 2150 € + VAT

Discount for students and more than two participants from one company or organization available upon request.
Please get in touch with us under contact@ibbk-biogas.com

The location of the Training course BIOGAS#HANDS ON is at:
SHMT – Steinbeis House of Management and Technology, Filderhauptstraße 142, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany

You will find a program preview to download HERE:

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