IBBK's international partners

During our worldwide activities we regularly get in touch with local businesses, interest groups and individuals who share our enthusiasm in the areas of biogas, bioenergy and sustainable energy supply.

These international relationships help us share our many years of knowledge and experience directly with like-minded people around the world, and to expand our ever-growing international network even faster.

Below we have listed a selection of our international partners in short profiles.

Do you want to become a cooperation partner and benefit from the concentrated knowledge as well as profit from special advantages during our events? Send us a message via the contact form below – we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Biogas World

"Connecting the biogas industry"

Connection to IBBK:
BiogasWorld and IBBK started their strategic alliance in mid-2016 with the aim of benefiting from each other’s networks. BiogasWorld connects the biogas industry through the business generation platform and an online marketplace, bringing together product and service suppliers with project developers. This accelerates the worldwide biogas and RNG/biomethane industry development.

By listing and promoting IBBK’s biogas events through BiogasWorld’s channels, this strategic alliance closes the educational gaps in the biogas industry in the United States and Canada while connecting project developers to suppliers and equipment/service suppliers worldwide.

Location: Quebec, Canada


"Driving waste-to-energy projects worldwide"

Connection to IBBK:
Since 2019, Anessa has been working closely with IBBK in a mutally beneficial partnership that delivers valuable input to Anessa’s biogas software from IBBK’s side.

In return, Anessa has helped IBBK out by attracting participants to our training and conference events as well as conducting online presentations of their powerful products.

Location: Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


Business consultancy in the field of agriculture, dairy farming and energy production

Connection to IBBK:
After many years of contact with IBBK Kennedy Samuel came to a biogas training in May 2018 for the first time to identify points of contact for India in Southern Germany, the cradle of the agricultural, small-scale biogas movement. Benefiting from the intensive learning experience during the training, Kennedy looks to expand his business activities locally in the area of ​​Pune / India, looking for opportunities to produce biogas, for example, from agricultural residues.

Kennedy will promote IBBK’s training locally to expose as many stakeholders as possible in touch with the technology and the opportunities of applied biogas production as a decentralized and independent source of energy.

Location: Pune, India

Green Mile Team D.o.o. Serbia

Managers and employs in Green Mile Team d.o.o. are focused on preserving and protecting our environment, by using renewable energy sources.

Their mission is to give a personal example, and with their experience, contribute to the initiative for reduction of harmful gasses, and greenhouse effect.

For that reason, it was decided to start informing, educating, advisoring, and managing projects for interested investors, regarding energy production by biogas power plants.

Their vision is to become the most reliable partner, to all who want to build their own business in the renewable energy area.

And by doing so, they aim to contribute to better environment, and thus making our surroundings, a better place for living.

Location: Serbia

ZAK Venture Pvt. Ltd.

ZAK Venture Pvt. Ltd. India

Continuing the experience gained at GAIL India Ltd in the field of Natural Gas Marketing, they are focusing on LNG Supply developments in ever expanding Indian markets.

Location: India

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