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With two decades of professional experience in the field of bioenergy, IBBK is the ideal partner in all projects encompassing the subject of biogas. Thanks to our many national, European and international activities, we have a profound knowledge of the full spectrum of the global biogas state-of-the-art. In addition, as an independent consulting company we have an excellent overview of the existing technologies and their optimum application in various situations and different conditions. Our long-term experience as an educational provider is another of our crown jewels: we can introduce our skills to the benefit of any project.
Since the foundation of IBBK, we have been partners in more than 40 research, dissemination and practice projects.
You can download a list of selected projects we were actively involved in HERE (pdf).
We are currently participating in the following projects:

Project ColdSpark - A novel approach to sustainable hydrogen production

Project period: 2022-2025

COLDSPARK® is a Research and Innovation project (Grant agreement No. 101069931) under the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme.

The 42-month project, launched in June 2022, will validate a non-thermal plasma technology to produce hydrogen at an industrial scale from natural gas or biomethane, contributing to the global zero emissions.

The project will develop and test a novel plasma reactor for production of hydrogen, alongside high-value carbon, at low energy cost (< 15 kWh/kg H2 produced) without the need for catalysts and water.

Project website https://coldspark.eu/


NoAW - Agricultural Residues for Bioenergy and Bio-economy

The NoAW project is supported by EU-funded Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation (grant agreement No 688338)

Project period: 2016-2020
NoAW is an European Horizon 2020 EU research and development project that aims to contribute to the “zero waste economy”. Through the approach of a circular economy the project seeks to develop models in which the valorisation of agricultural wastes is optimised on a territorial and seasonal scale.
The treatment and utilisation of these residues as by-products takes the load off agriculture and industry and reduces the use of the primary raw materials. In doing so, the project promotes bio-based, environmentally friendly products with a direct benefit for the environment, the economy and the society.
IBBK’s tasks include:

  • Data collection
  • Development of business models that link owner/operators with the bio-economy
  • Dissemination of knowledge and technology transfer to farms, businesses and other end-users

Project website noaw2020.eu

Biogas ACTION - Further development of the European sectors of biogas and biomethane

The project Biogas Action is supported by the EU-funded Framework Program for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020" (grant agreement No 691755)

Project period: 2016-2018
This European Horizon 2020 EU project promotes sustainable production of biogas and biomethane obtained from manure and waste. The aim is to exploit the full potential of these residues in Europe. For this purpose, technical and, above all, bureaucratic obstacles must be overcome. This will be achieved by an intensive exchange of experience, analysis of ‘best practice’ examples and development of country-specific implementation strategies.
IBBK’s tasks include:

  • Search for online tools, calculation programmes, planning assistance
  • Presentation of exemplary biogas plants
  • Know-how transfer to other EU countries

Project website biogasaction.eu

BIOENERGY FARM 2 Agricultural bioenergy from liquid manure and residues

Project period: 2013-2016
‘BioEnergy Farm 2’ supports farmers with the planning and construction of agricultural biogas plants. At the forefront is the recycling of the farms’ own residues, primarily liquid and solid manure. An online tool gives interested farmers the opportunity to have an initial estimation of the economic feasibility of the biogas plant. If the farmers show more interest in the biogas opportunity, an expert from one of the project partners provides support with the further steps towards implementation – free of charge and impartially.
IBBK’s tasks include:

  • Consulting and economic feasibility calculations
  • Training courses within the scope of the project

Project website bioenergyfarm.eu

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