IBBK is a member in a group of selected non-profit organisations and associations that strive toward the same goal that motivates us:

Pushing sustainable biogas and bioenergy production worldwide.

CNG Club e.V.

"Connecting the biogas industry"

The CNG Club e. V. is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), lobbying for CNG driven vehicles.

CNG club benefits from good contacts in the transportation and fuel energy, as well as years of experience in the market.

They’re lobbying to finally push CNG mobility out of its niche and convince the public of the effectivity and ease of use.

Location: Munich, Germany

FnBB e.V.

FnBB e.V. promotes the dissemination of sustainable and socially acceptable production and use of energy from biomass and is committed to a climate and environmentally friendly, as well as citizen-oriented and meaningful energy transition.

The strength of the registered and non-profit association lies in its proximity to the operators of bioenergy plants and in the large national and international network through which FnBB members gain access to specialist information as well as experts and practitioners in the field of bioenergy.

Location: Kirchberg/Jagst


SABIA - South African Biogas Industry Association

In 2013, several core groups formed the Southern African Biogas Industry as a result of recognizing the potential market for biogas and the need for representation of the industry in South Africa. Prior to this, there was no single entity representing and lobbying for the interests of the biogas industry.

Over the years, SABIA has grown in membership and is a registered non-profit organization.

Connection to IBBK:
IBBK and SABIA have partnered up on multiple local biogas trainings in Cape Town and Johannesburg to promote agro-industrial biogas technology to local farmers and energy producers.

Location: South Africa

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