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For nearly two decades, the IBBK has provided training and qualifications for existing and future plant operators. The practice-orientated courses are characterised by the well-founded experience of the speakers, as well as by the intensive exchange of experience during the courses. At the national level, training courses are offered in German and English; internationally, the training courses are held in English.

As part of our attempt to develop a uniform national concept for biogas training courses in Germany, in 2012 the IBBK became, one of the first educational institutions to join the German Biogas Training Association (Schulungsverbund Biogas). Within this framework, the certified ‘Basic Training for Plant Safety‘ and, from 2018, the ‘Refresher Course in Plant Safety‘ are being offered. Both training courses are in compliance with the quality assurance of biogas plants, as prescribed by the law in 2015.

An overview of our training courses is provided below.



Biogas Online Course

IBBK’s Brand New Online Course: “Renewable Energy: Practical Introduction to Biogas and AD”
We have put together an online training based on our 20 years of practical experience and from digging through thousands and thousands of pages of literature – so you don’t have to.
The Online Biogas Training consists of 2,5 hours high value video content with 16 different lectures.

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Language: English




The #TRAINING seminars cover a general entry to and an overview of the current state of the biogas sector, market, and technology in the respective region in which the course is offered. Local possibilities are indicated and cooperation is initiated. These seminars are primarily offered outside of the European Union (EU) region
The #TRAINING seminars are aimed primarily at newcomers and lateral entrants, as well as at local industry and local organisations or institutions.



Language: English
We also offer this #TRAINING seminar #ON DEMAND; see details.



Applied Practice + Study Tour

The #HANDS ON courses are particularly aimed at obtaining practical suggestions. Current and future processes are presented and ‘best practice’ experience is passed on through participation, handling and exchange. Daily plant operation is discussed realistically and frankly. The courses lead to a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the biogas sector through analyses in the lab and visits to relevant plants.
These courses are held throughout the EU.

The #HANDS ON courses provide a comprehensive and practice-related insight into the daily challenges involved in the operation of biogas plants. Ideal for existing and future owners/operators of biogas plants, as well as local organisations, institutions and investors looking for a practical and realistic debate.



Language: English



Basic Training on Plant Safety– One day Refresher – Fermentation Biology – Increasing Efficiency


These several-days courses, train attendees on the topics of plant safety and plant optimization. Each course is comprised of lectures by experts with practical experience, who are didactically trained and able to teach the complex topics with commitment.
Something that is quite particularly welcomed by our participants is the intensive exchange between the speakers and the participants. Our constantly updated content provides you with the best skills for successful plant operation. The courses end with a multiple-choice test and a certificate from the ‘Biogas Training Association’ (Schulungsverbund Biogas).

The courses are offered in a combination of two of four modules.
Module 1 ‘Basic Training on Plant Safety’
Module 2 Fermentation Biology
Module 3 Increasing Efficiency
Module 4 Refreshing Plant Safety

These courses are ideal for plant owners/operators and personnel, manufacturers and service providers of the biogas industry, urban and municipal employees.

BIOGAS #UPGRADE takes place 3x a year: spring + summer + winter



Language: German
We also offer these courses #ON DEMAND; see details.



On Demand Booking

Are you an interest group, a biogas company or an educational institution interested in our national and international biogas courses and study tours? Would you like to spare the travel and expenses? Would you like to match the dates with your schedule?
We are more then happy to organise our training to your requirements. You’ll specify the venue, duration and content of the course.
Our #UPGRADE, #HANDS ON and #TRAINING course packages can be booked to be held in your area.
We also offer ‘Study Tours’ in Germany showcasing a wide variety of biogas plants fitting your interests.




Courses are held in German or English

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