Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network
Welcome to the IBBK BIOGAS Network

We promote and support developments in the biogas sector and facilitate the efficient application for a sustainable future.

If you are a biogas plant operator, researcher, investor, practitioner or project facilitator, we help you with specific knowledge and expert advice.

For the last 20 years, we’ve “unlocked” the complexity of the biogas process during our live and online events, consultations and project work – locally, nationally and internationally.

We focus on daily practice and our global network of experts, arming you with specific, practical knowledge and connecting you to the decision makers and the latest technology.

Check our event schedule below, book a personalized consultation session or discover our research projects.

IBBK Biogas Event Schedule

Q1, 2022 (TBC)

Biogas Hands On
International Biogas Online Training with 12 Modules and 10 different speakers

Conducted Online
Language: English

11th - 13th October, 2022

Progress in Biomethane Mobility
International Conference

Venue: Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Language: English & German

IBBK Courses - which is what?

IBBK courses aim at three different levels of biogas involvement:

Beginner - Advanced - Pro

Based on two decades of biogas experience, we’ve put together the best training resources and events for you – no matter how much (or little) your biogas experience or operating troubles.


Language: English

IBBK’s Brand New Online Course

Join our online biogas training, based on 20 years of practical experience and after digging through thousands of pages of literature (so you don’t have to).

The Online Biogas Course is 2,5 hours of high value video content you can watch anytime from the comfort of your home.

If you’re a beginner or can’t commit the time/money to attend live trainings. You’ll get to test your knowledge in a quiz and receive a certificate after completing.

Join for only a fraction of the price of a live event.


Language: English

For the potential biogas community

If you live in a developing country, generating energy from your biowaste and agricultural waste can make a big difference in your energy reliability. And that’s where IBBK’s #TRAINING-events come in.

These courses focus on revealing local potential and introducing biogas production methods in line with your local conditions.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Click the button to see when the next #TRAINING-event will take place.


Language: English

For the established biogas community

In many European countries, the Americas and all over the world, biogas plants are sprouting up like mushrooms.

IBBK’s #HANDS ON courses focus on practical help to optimise your plant operation and give you a real insight into the complexities of every biogas project.

We’ll introduce you to different feedstocks, technologies to optimize your biogas project.

These courses include biogas plant visits and a lab session so you get real-life exposure into the day-to-day operation of a state of the art biogas plant.

IBBK CONSULTING – Plant Check-up & Feasibility Study

As a biogas plant owner or operator, you’re faced with a variety of issues and hurdles. Whether it’s an issue with your digester biology, foaming, or introducing a new substrate, improving your process stability… get in touch with us and we’ll find a solution for you… objectively, competently and independently.

We’ll also inform you about what to keep track of, what is currently required of you and how you can prepare your biogas plant so it’s still running smoothly for the next 5, 10 and 20 years.

Plus: if you’re facing legal action as a biogas plant operator or manufacturer, we’ll help you as a witness so you get a fair treatment.

If you’re operating a biogas plant and are facing technical, biological or even legal issues…

Get in touch with us for your specific consulting during our PLANT CHECK-UP.

If you’re planning a biogas project we help you determine whether your plans can be implemented technically, economically and organisationally.

Get a quote to determine the feasibility of your project through IBBK’s feasibility study.

Research Projects

Research Projects

We are committed to the continuous development and exchange of biogas knowledge and have been following this path since we started in 2001.

To this day we are still investing about half of our time and efforts into national and international research projects - aiming to establish biogas knowledge and technology worldwide.

These projects are funded by the European Union, NGOs, and non-profit organisations. Click below to discover all the details.



Tap into our vast and diverse national international biogas network through a membership in GERBIO, the German “German Biogas and Bioenergy Society” (FnBB e.V. in German).

Take advantage of your direct hotline to our biogas experts as a member and get first dibs on promising and lucrative business opportunities.

Click the button to head over to the German website with all the details.

News Blog

News Blog

Discover our journalistic articles for the trade press and announcements about new research projects which we're involved in on our BLOG.

You'll also find follow-up reports and videos from past events and everything that moves us in dealing with biogas topics on a daily basis there.

And: if we endorse a relevant event from one of our national and international partners, we'll also list these on our blog.

Click the button to head over there right now.

Science Partners

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