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This online training is based on our 20 years of practical experience and from digging through thousands and thousands of pages of literature (so you don’t have to).

2,5h Video Content

24 videos – hosted on our own brand new E-Learning platform. A very simple and user friendly designed web-interface with only one goal – no distraction!

6 Modules, 16 Lectures

You’ll get 16 lectures separated into 6 main modules:

  1. Introduction to anaerobic digestion and biogas (26:14)
  2. Substrate preparation (16:14)
  3. Fermentation, reactor components and digestion types (27:07)
  4. Storage and utilisation of biogas (17:03)
  5. Digestate treatment and use (11:45)
  6. Biogas plant design (40:03)

5 Quizzes

At the end of each module you will be asked to complete a simple, quick quiz to show your progress.

This will help you solidify the concepts that are presented in the biogas online training – so you too can become a biogas expert quickly.

Please note that you have to complete all quizzes successfully to achieve 100% completion & receive your certificate!

Your investment into this IBBK Biogas #ONLINE Course is 199 €

This includes LIFETIME access to all lectures.

What users are saying:


"Gave me a great oversight"

“The course was really good. Very well structured and presented. It gave me a great oversight and helped me to identify the areas I need to focus on.

The part I most benefited from was the latter section with calculations of biogas availability from different substrates.”

Des Murphy, C.Eng MIEI CIBSE
Kovara Ltd, Energy Consultants, Ireland

Free preview of the IBBK Biogas #ONLINE Course

Module 2: Technological process overview

Meet your Instructor: Michael Köttner

Some facts about Michael Köttner

  • 35 years of experience in the biogas industry
  • Founder of the German Biogas Association
  • Expert biogas trainer and educator
  • CEO of IBBK since 2001
  • Trained Farmer

Biogas #ONLINE Course - Here's What You Get

When you decide to make the investment in your biogas knowledge, here’s what you get in IBBK’s Biogas #ONLINE Course:

✔ 2,5 h of distilled, easy-to-understand information about the entire biogas process, from the substrates through the entire biological process to gas utilisation and digestate treatment

✔ 6 Modules, divided into 16 lectures

✔ 16 Downloadable fact sheets (one for each lecture) – so you can have an easy, simple way to remember the concepts in seconds

✔ 5 Quizzes to test your learning after each module (don’t worry, you can repeat the quiz as often as you need to)

✔ Additional, downloadable materials, handbooks, “cheat-sheets”

✔ Certificate of completion

Your investment into this IBBK Biogas #ONLINE Course is 199 €

This includes LIFETIME access to all lectures .

Biogas #ONLINE Course FAQ:

Frequently asked questions about IBBK’s Biogas #ONLINE Course

The full price for the online course is 199 €

This course is hosted in our own self-build online training platform (

Yes, your payment is 100% secured by our safe payment processing technology. We are using SSL encryption across all our websites. Accepted methods of payment are Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American express, Discovery) as well as PayPal.

How does lifetime access sound to you? Because that’s how long you will be able to access this online course. Your account will never expire and you will always be able to watch it again – be that tomorrow or in 7 years.

The idea of this course is to learn at your own place and on your own schedule.

The total length of the videos is 2 hours and 22 minutes. There is additional literature available as well. 

IBBK's Biogas #ONLINE Course includes 6 modules that are divided into 16 lectures.

Here's the overview over the modules with their individual lectures:

Introduction to anaerobic digestion and biogas

  • Introduction to the course
  • Terminology and Formation
  • Potential & Challenges
  • Influencing parameters
  • Module overview and quiz
  • Additional materials

Substrate preparation

  • Technological process overview
  • Components of the substrate
  • Pretreatment and feeding of the substrate
  • Module overview, quiz
  • Additional materials

Fermentation, reactor components and digestion types

  • Process parameters
  • Components
  • Digestion types
  • Module overview and quiz
  • Additional materials

Storage and utilisation of biogas

  • Gas storage, cleaning and utilisation
  • Combined heat and power unit
  • Module overview and quiz
  • Additional materials

Digestate treatment and use

  • Digestate properties
  • Storage, treatment and utilisation
  • Safety measures and risk assessment
  • Module overview, quiz
  • Additional materials

Biogas plant design

  • Plant decision criteria
  • Feasibility study

Once you've enrolled in IBBK's Biogas #ONLINE Course, you will receive an email sent to the email address you used for your order.

This will include your personal login information that you can use to access this biogas training in your browser.

Yes, you will receive a certificate once you've completed your biogas online course.

This means that you will have to finish all video modules and complete all 5 quizzes.

Your certificate includes your name and a signature of Michael Köttner, your course instructor and CEO of IBBK.

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