25-27 January 2021

Progress in the Treatment and Application of Manure and Digestate Products
International Online Conference


Conference Language: English
  • Get exclusive insights into the future of digestate and manure upgrading
  • Discover how you can benefit from this advanced knowledge as a biogas plant operator, farmer, and policy maker
  • See what the pioneers of the biogas industry are currently developing to turn residues into valuables using breakthrough technology
  • 53% Discount for students and inhabitants of DAC-classified developing countries
  • 3 half-days – scheduled to fit multiple time zones around the world so that you can attend wherever you are.

In early October 2020, we conducted a conference with 90 live attendees and another 40 people participating online.

Now, it was a daring event – and up until almost the last minute, we weren’t sure if we were even allowed to go through with it.

But thanks to a very detailed hygiene concept, we managed to do this event as planned.

That means all 130 participants were able to directly witness the extremely promising research and practical developments that were made in recent years.

During 30 unique presentations, the treatment and upgrading of manure and digestate was covered from all angles:

  • current scientific research
  • the latest developments
  • experiences from practice

And while it was incredibly refreshing to host this live, in-person event, there was one issue:

The entire conference was conducted in German.

That means only the German-speaking participants were able to discover the latest advancements and breakthrough treatment technologies that the speakers and exhibitors presented during this conference.

And this got us thinking…

Proper Manure and Digestate treatment and upgrading is far from a “German Issue”.

As of today, about 90% of the world’s phosphorus is available in just a small number of countries which are all outside the EU.

Nitrogen is abundant… but it’s very energy-intensive to extract it from the atmosphere.

Plus: there’s an excess supply of manure in certain regions of Europe – and scarcity in others.

Closing the nutrient cycle can help connect these challenges.

Having too much manure or digestate, not knowing where to spread it (without overfertilizing the soil) is a pressing issue on a much larger scale.

And with ongoing industrialisation of agriculture as well as global growth in biogas production, this could quickly turn into a worldwide issue.

So… how can we make the research results, the know-how and breakthrough technologies available to as many people as possible throughout the world…

Without them having to travel anywhere?

This event is your answer.

We’re excited to announce the…

Why participate?

Overnutrification in many German and European regions requires specific technology to treat and upgrade manure and digestate.

The last couple of years have produced significant leaps and innovations to the upgrading technology and more possible business models have been explored.

Be one of the first to tackle this pressing challenge with background knowledge and the right technology.

Join the conference now by clicking the button below.


Regular price: 190€​

Participation Fee: 160€*

Save 30 € Now

Early Bird until December 21st, 2020

For Students & Developing Countries: 90€**

* excl. 19% VAT

**If you are a student, please send us your valid proof of matriculation to sal@ibbk-biogas.com to claim your discount. You will then receive your personal discount code via email.

For developing countries, please check THIS LIST (click) to see if you qualify.

If yes, please send us a proof of your residence via email to sal@ibbk-biogas.com

You will then receive your personal discount code via email.

Online via ZOOM

January 25th-27th

Start Time: 2 pm CEST
End Time: 6 pm CEST

Online Conference:

"Progress in the Treatment and Application of Manure & Digestate Products"

If you wanna be on the forefront, this is your opportunity to get exclusive “behind the curtains” views of what’s going on in Germany and Europe.

Germany has been a pioneer in the biogas industry for decades. And once again, the most promising technologies are currently fine-tuned (or are already tested in the field in large scales) in Germany.

These technologies not only treat the digestate to make it easier to transport or apply to the fields, they also upgrade it into valuable products that can be sold to private and commercial users.

This conference is specifically scheduled to be suitable for most global time zones as we start in the afternoon at 2 PM CEST (Berlin Time) and end at 6 pm CEST each day.

You’ll discover everything you need to know about:

  • State of the Art
  • Results from practical experience
  • Technological Innovations

The detailed program will be published here very shortly.

Speaking Opportunities:
If you would like to be considered as a speaker at this event get in contact with Jenny Aragundy (app@ibbk-biogas.com) or call +49 (0) 7954 926 203.

IBBK’s 3-day online conference “Progress in the Treatment and Application of Manure and Digestate Products”  bridges the gap between the latest technology and the end user!

Your Registration Options:

  • Early Bird until December 21st, 2020: 160 €*
  • Regular Registration after December 21st, 2020: 190 €*
  • Students: 90 €* (please send your valid proof of matriculation to sal@ibbk-biogas.com to receive your personal student discount code)
  • Low- and middle income countries: 90 €* (please check THIS LIST (click) to see if your country qualifies. If yes, send us an email with proof, i.e. passport, ID, to sal@ibbk-biogas.com to request your personal discount code.

*All prices are subject to 19% VAT.

Who is this Online Conference for?

  • Biogas plant operators looking for a new way to treat their digestate and upgrade it into a valuable fertilizer and industrially valuable product
  • Environmental certifiers
  • Frustrated farmers, that are interested in new ways to upgrade slurry and manure into a high-value fertilizer
  • Trade press
  • Biogas and Energy Consultants
  • Research & development agencies and organisations
  • Manufacturers of digestate upgrading technology, that are interested in taking a look at what their competitors
  • Policy makers in the field of digestate treatment and application (discover first-hand what practitioners are frustrated with)
  • Consulting service providers

What happens after you register?

Once you’ve submitted your registration, you’ll get an automated confirmation via email.

3-5 days before the start of the event, you’ll get an email from us that includes everything you need to connect to the conference during all 3 days. Just follow the step-by-step instructions. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device to connect (PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, or a landline).

Keynote Speakers

Frank Bonaldo

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Presentation on “Future of Gas Mobility”.

Frank is the head of Unit II B4, “Energy Transition in Mobility, Fuel Markets”






Frequently Asked Questions

This conference is 100% online and will be hosted on the web-conference streaming program ZOOM. To participate in the conference, all you need is a stable internet connection and either a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.

You do not need an account with Zoom to connect, but you will have to download their client or app before connecting.

We will conduct this conference via the online platform Zoom.

To use Zoom, all you need is either a stable internet connection or a landline to connect.

You can connect via smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

A couple of days before the start of the conference, you will get detailed instructions on how to use and connect to Zoom.

You don't need an account to use Zoom, but you will have to download their client or app.

This online conference takes place January 25th-27th from XX until XX.

After registering for this online conference, you'll receive an automated email confirming your registration. If there are no further announcements, you'll receive the ZOOM links for all 3 conference days between 3 and 5 days before the start of the conference.

The regular rate is 190 € + VAT, but as an early bird, you can save 30€ if you register until December 21st, 2020.

As a student, you can join this conference for just 90€ + VAT. To be eligible, please send us your valid proof of matriculation via email to sal@ibbk-biogas.com and we'll send you your personal discount code that you can use for your registration.

If you live in what's defined as a developing country by the DAC's list of ODA recipients (click to download), please send your proof of residence to sal@ibbk-biogas.com and we'll send you your personal discount code so you only pay 90€ + VAT.

Unfortunately, there's no refund option for your registration.

To register now, simply click on the orange button above. This will lead you to a checkout page where you can sign up and pay via PayPal or credit card.

You can pay via PayPal or Credit Card.

VENUE: Neubausaal Schwäbisch Hall, Rosenbühl 14, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, GERMANY

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