GERBIO membership

Take advantage of a membership in the recognized non-profit biogas and bioenergy association GERBIO. GERBIO is affiliated with IBBK and supports the IBBK in the areas of networking, training and non-profit projects.

Your benefits as a GERBIO member

GERBIO promotes and encourages a sustainable and socially acceptable production and use of energy from biomass. GERBIO advocates an eco-friendly and meaningful energy revolution. Do not wait for others to shape the society in which you want to live. – Get involved!

Information advantage
GERBIO members are the first to find out about the relevant industry innovations and changes.
All members have direct access at the content of our training courses, shaping the program with your input and get help and support in openings of new markets abroad. – Profit from the information leap!

As a GERBIO member you receive discounts at our training courses, seminars and exhibition fees, as well as discounts for stands at trade fairs, which the GERBIO and its associates (IBBK and ‘Renergie Allgäu e.V.’) organise, including savings on publications by GERBIO and associated partners. – $ave good money!

Company members have the opportunity to present their business with their profiles on the new GERBIO website. All other members can draw attention to themselves and their activities as well, with a short profile.Each member is personally advised on issues about bioenergy production and gets connected with helpful experts.

Together we achieve more!

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